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Mobile phones - rumors Sony Xperia XZ3  RSS 2.0

Mobile phones - rumors Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony announced the update of flagship smartphones every six months, and Xperia XZ1 became official in August 2017, and its follow-up Xperia XZ2 appeared in just six months on MWC 2018. Now, as expected, Sony is reportedly working on a new Xperia XZ3.

Starting from the front of the device, it seems almost identical to the current flagship of the Xperia XZ2. This means that relatively thick frames are still present below and above the display, although it is worth noting that this has a high aspect ratio of 18: 9. The panel then connects to one front feeder from the front and the ear speaker, which is supposedly doubled as usual speaker. If so, you can expect a second speaker on the bottom panel to form a stereo setup. However, given that the lower part of the smartphone is not visible on the images, at the moment this is pure speculation. Being in the background, Sony seems to have finally found a popular setting with two cameras on its next flagship flagship, but did not choose to use the same module design as the XZ2 Premium. Instead, the Japanese brand simply placed on the back panel two round lenses that are accompanied by an LED flash, and most likely it is laser and predictive autofocusing. In addition, the most central fingerprint scanner is again used. On the other hand, the power button and the volume speaker are again located on the right side of the smartphone frame.

When it comes to the internal aspect of the device, the information was not provided along with the images, but if a recent leak is not possible, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor should be connected to 6 GB of RAM and a choice of 64 GB or 128 GB of internal storage. In addition, with a detailed description of the camera, there is a 19-megapixel lens with an additional 12-megapixel sensor. In addition, the same 13-megapixel self-taught camera was added, which was introduced on the Xperia XZ2 Premium.

Sony has not yet made any official comments regarding the Xperia XZ3, but given the annual presence of the brand in the IFA in Germany, the announcement at the end of August is very likely.

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