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How to register a .net domain

When creating a site, there are always a lot of questions, one of them is how to register a domain net, well, and where to name a name. In fact, domain registration is a simple matter and does not require over programming skills or anything else, you need to choose the right provider for your domain and the future site. To date, the choice of providers is huge both in terms of pricing and quality of service. Read reviews and choose the right one.

A little about the .net domain. The main thing is this second-level domain. At first glance, these domains do not differ anything from the rush zone, but one advantage still has. You can register a domain for any name and transfer it to another person at the time of sale. All this will take 2-3 minutes from the force, and not 2 weeks until the letter reaches the registrar.

The most important thing is to choose the site name for the domain in the net zone, make it short, and memorable, because if your site is popular, then the simple name is easy to remember and anyone will enter it in the address bar.

Well, we'll go on to register a domain, you can even register a domain in a couple of steps. First of all, as I described in the beginning of the article, we select the provider, then enter the name of the site, and select the domain zone, it will be .net, .com and so on.

After that, we check if the name is occupied or not, if the domain name is occupied, then we come up with another, one of the complex tasks at this stage, it is to come up with an unused name, and so it will be easier.

After all the same found the free website name, we click to register the domain, on a large number of site registrars everything is very similar. Payment for the domain you also make at your discretion, through what system you will pay for.

The main tasks: it is to create an account on the site where the domain will be registered, to replenish the account, and then to register the domain net. After these actions, you will need to enter the DNS server, this is not necessary, you can select their DNS server, and then change it to your own, which gave you your hosting. That's basically it.

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